Chiropractic Testimonials

"I've been going there for a few weeks following an auto accident and Integrative Medicine did a very good job at personalizing a routine that would give my injuries the best chance on healing properly. Their staff is very friendly and helpful!!!"

- Jason M.

"Absolutely amazing! I can’t believe how much better I feel after just 1 appointment."

- Diane M.

"Dr Ieanski and her office staff are amazing. She knows exactly what type of therapy you need for whatever comes along. Attentive to you needs and to top it all off very flexible on scheduling."

- Kelly H.

"After my car accident on December 21st, My back and neck were not the same. I was recommended to come here and I was very happy that I did. I’ve been seeing Dr. Brooke for the last two months and I am feeling stronger and better than when I first came in, I have permanent damage to my neck and back and Dr. Brooke has been helping me to strengthen my back and neck. Every time I go I feel welcome, along with being amazing, she is very detailed when it comes to notes, my insurance loves her for that because her notes are the best they have ever seen. From the day I walked into her office to every single Session I’ve had with her I feel welcome every single time.

"She has made my physical therapy fun and enjoyable along with making me stronger. I am so grateful she was recommended to me. And I am so honored to be able to recommend her to everyone I know."

- Julian T.

"My regular chiropractor was too busy to accommodate me during what was absolutely the worst chiropractic emergency I’ve ever experienced (and we tend to have some interesting subluxations at times), Brooke took me immediately and showed extraordinary concern and care. I am so so so grateful that she walked me through a very extreme amount of pain in a way that was both therapeutic and intensely effective. I highly recommend her!"

- Amber C.

"An amazing caring and compassionate person. She will truly listen to you and your health concerns."

- Cathy E.

"Finding Doctors who are truly passionate about what they do, is tough. I have been personally experiencing this so I know. So, when I find a good Doctor, they deserve the praise! She is down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and passionate about what she does. She knows her stuff and she makes you feel comfortable!"

- Gibby E.


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